• CEO of Future Arena Invited as A Speaker of the 2019 SportsMoney Annual Summit


    On 11th January 2020, the 2019 SportsMoney Annual Summit was held in Siming District, Xiamen. Thousands of sports industry practitioners came to the summit. Nearly 30 guests from the sports industry shared their insights into the 2019 sports industry and expectations on 2020 sports big year.

    The CEO and founder of Future Arena, Ethan Law was invited to the summit and gave a speech themed with Sports IP New Marketing, introducing the new insights about digital marketing. Digital marketing is the inevitable trend of future sports marketing and is one of the most important ways of interacting for games, clubs, and brands to fans.

    Future Arena is a company focusing on sports digital marketing and IP value development, partnered with Euro 2020, UEFA, LaLiga, Manchester City, AC Milan, AS Monaco, Schalke 04 and many other world top sports IPs. It managed the partnered IPs for commercialization and monetization and helped brands on sports digital marketing.

    Sports marketing does not equal to sports sponsorship, it is all the ways of exposure, interaction, experience, and activation with sports fans. Ethan stated. He also introduced 7 new ways of sports marketing including sports sponsorship, paid media, interaction games, VR tech, etc. with corresponding cases.

    The summit was directed by the government of Siming District, Xiamen and held by Sportsmoney. The summit in the morning was hosted by the Founder of qiuduoduo, Qiang Yan. In the afternoon, the summit was hosted by the famous football commentator, Fangjian Shen.

  • Future Arena Won the 7th TopDigital Innovation Award


    On May 30, 2019, the 7th TopDigital Innovation Ceremony was held in Shanghai Longemont Hotels. The ceremony focused on the three themes of "new intelligence", "new consumption" and "new marketing", attracted nearly 1,500 industry elites to participate.

    The Future Arena won the 7th TopDigital Innovation Award for the "2019 Chinese New Year Customized Red Envelope Integrated Marketing Case " project.

    As the founder and CEO of Future Arena, Ethan Law invited as a guest speaker at the TopDigital, said that the development of the digital economy in the past year is the result of joint efforts of all the people in the field, and Future Arena will continue to deepen in the field of sports.

    The award-winning project uses the Chinese traditional customs of the Spring Festival red envelope to link the player's mysterious blessing video by QR code. The captain and other Milan elements combine to design three sets of AC Milan Chinese New Year red envelopes.


    The video takes the form of vertical video and the player's first perspective and is also designed with Chinese social media style content to give fans a more relaxed entertainment atmosphere and a deeper interactive experience.

    The TopDigital Award is one of the most important awards in Chinese innovation and the digital industry. It was established by comYOY in 2013, focusing on branding and product innovation in the digital economy, and is selected for digital marketing, smart products, and advertising cases. After 7 years of deep cultivation, it has become an authoritative award in the field of innovation. The TopDigital Award has attracted 2,000 related innovative companies home and abroad to compete, only 2% of them can be awarded. Up to now, 300,000 people in the innovation and digital industry have been involved in the award and fight for this well-known award with all their talents and efforts.

    In 2019, the TopDigital Award received 2,708 entries from 553 companies. According to the TopDigital innovation model, after more than 70 professional jury members' strict selection, the “quality” of the winning works is no doubt top in its category. Winning TopDigital Award has become an important embodiment of the innovation strength of companies.


  • Future Arena Launched Kboxing Fashion World Cup Campaign with Filippo Inzaghi


    During the 2018 World Cup, Future Arena collaborated with Chinese high-end jacket and business casual menswear brand K-boxing, creating the hottest interactive video H5. It is worth mentioning that Future Arena involved the world top footballer and Italian legend Inzaghi to join the H5 campaign.

    The H5 videos were taken by a first-person view, bring immersive interactive experiences to users. In the H5 video game, users could be the main character of the storyline, to dribble, juggle, tackle and shoot, deciding the result of the game and the plot of the story, experiencing the feeling of being a striker in the real world. The H5 is the first “real person video interactive game” for a fashion brand.

    Filippo Inzaghi is a retired Italian professional footballer, a striker for several Italian clubs and a manager. He is currently the manager of Bologna. In this H5 campaign, as a character of the storyline, Inzaghi would ask the player to join his team and teach the player his football techniques, helping the player to realize his dream of being a top footballer.

    James Huang, the COO ​and founder of Future Arena, led the K-boxing campaign, especially the engagement of Inzaghi. James Huang led the shooting of Inzaghi in Italy for seven days and combined Inzaghi into this H5 campaign, which becomes the highlight of the event.

    The brand could join the sports industry by sports marketing expect for sponsorship. This event is an excellent attempt and creation on the management of footballer IPs, which shows the professionalism and creativity of Future Arena.

  • Ethan Law Invited as a Guest Speaker at the SPOAC


    SPOAC – Sports Business Academy was launched by WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, the internationally renowned, privately funded Business School, and SPONSORS, the leading German information provider and conference organiser in sports business together with the German Football Association (DFB), the German Football League (DFL), and the German Olympic Federation (DOSB).


    On 27 April, this well-known academy visited Shanghai themed by Internationalization to explore the development of sports and football in a global perspective. As a well-known entrepreneur in Chinese football business, Ethan Law, the founder and CEO of Future Arena, invited as a guest speaker at the SPOAC.

    Ethan shared some interesting facts and data in China about World Cup. He stated that young people pay more attention to Premier League than the older generations do. He also shared the most caring teams, the players and the social content of Chinese football fans.


    Except for competition information and videos, fans will also pay attention to related emoji package, result prediction, jokes, interesting pictures, and gossips, etc. About the channel of getting information, except for traditional mass media platforms, some fans will use some vertical media platforms like Hupu and Dongqiudi.

    He also introduced some research on Chinese football fans. The awareness of CSL increased rapidly recently. Based on the understanding of Chinese fans, Ethan proposed China digital strategy for European clubs: precise and targeted digital media management by having separate objects and content for different platforms according to their audience. Ethan stressed that except for informational content, clubs should involve more emotional and interactive content into their social content to make deep interaction with their core fans.


    Finally, Ethan also gave his advice to European clubs on how to do digital marketing in China by sharing some online and offline club cases.

    One central aspect of the SPOAC classes is the combination of international top teachers from academia, such as Harvard Professor Stephen A. Greyser, and renowned managers and decision-makers from sports business practice. Guest speakers include, amongst others, Carsten Schmidt (CEO of Sky Germany), Jörg Wacker (Director of Strategy and Internationalization at FC Bayern Munich), Christian Seifert (CEO of German Football League), Ingo Schiller (CFO at Hertha BSC), Carsten Cramer (Director of Marketing and Sales, Borussia Dortmund), and Oliver Bierhoff (Manager, German National Football Team).

  • Germany Hamburger City Municipal Delegation Visiting Future Arena


    On 8th April, Future Arena, as a digital partner in China of several European football clubs and a typical company representative located in Changning District, undertook Germany Hamburger city municipal delegation visit, commissioned by the Foreign Affairs Office of Changning District and Huandonghua Zhishangyuan Park.

    Germany Hamburger city municipal delegation led by Carola Fett, President of City Parliament arrived that 1 pm. All staff of Future Arena led by Future Arena founder & CEO Ethan Law extended a warm welcome to the delegation. The delegation looked over the company interior decoration. After that, Ethan Law gave a speech on company introduction to the delegation.

    Ethan Law gave an introduction about Future Arena’s business scope, using company clients, like German club Schalke 04 and etc., as examples to introduce company innovation on sports IP management. The German delegation paid great attention and spoke highly of that.


    At last, the German delegation and Future Arena exchanged gifts and took group photos.

    Hamburger City is an internationally close friend city with Shanghai City. This time, the delegation was led by Parliament President of Hamburger City and in the company of Shanghai and Changning District government officials.


  • Ethan Law Invited to Attend TEDxTheBund Annual Event


    In March 2018, TEDxTheBund event themed “Future You” was held at Huangpu Theatre, Shanghai. Ten expert speakers from different domains were invited to the event to talk about the future. As the CEO of Future Arena and partner of Wyscout, Ethan Law was introduced as one of the ten guest speakers.


    Ethan Law delivered a speech on the topic < 1.4 Billion People and a Satisfying Football Team>, giving his ideas about Chinese football.

    At first, Ethan Law pointed out the Chinese small ratio of registered football population to its total population compared with other countries’. He stated that the reasons could be that 1. The traditional way of scouting could not reach a part of talents in this big country. 2. For the lack of coaches’ professionalism, the talents could not get trained professionally.


    About the difficulty of finding football talents effectively, Ethan Law shared his entrepreneurial experience. A platform like LinkedIn, which linked supply and demand and built an assessment system to solve recruitment and job-hunting problems, is also needed in the football industry.

    Ethan stressed that the platform should also build an assessment system to quantify the players in quality including player’s videos and data. Using Cristiano Ronaldo as an example, Ethan shared a widely-used assessment model called TIPS to assess players from four aspects: Technique, Insights, Personality, and Speed.


    At last, Ethan Law also expressed his best wishes on Chinese football.

    Experts from all walks of life were invited to the event. Other speakers include Microsoft R&D Director: Guosheng Sun, CEO of Publicis Media Great China: Jinghua Zhu, first Chinese surfer: Dan Liu, Dyson’s senior engineer: Yu Ma etc.


  • Ethan Law Invited to Attend AdMaster Data Leader Summit


    In March, 2018, AdMaster Data Leader Summit were held at Longemont Shanghai. Experts from different domains were invited to the event to talk about data’s influence on education, business and Internet. The CEO of Future Arena, Ethan Law was introduced as one of the guest speakers.

    In the afternoon parallel session, Ethan Law (CEO of Future Arena) and Calvin Chan (CEO of AdMaster) had a dialogue on the topic <How to ‘sponsor’ World Cup in this great year of sports? >.


    At first, Ethan Law stated that in this great year of sports, brands could take a part in sports industry to promote themselves by sports marketing except for sponsorship.

    When being asked about the differences between sports IP and other IPs and the marketing ways of sports IP, Ethan Law stressed on the uniqueness and sustainability of sports IP which is different from the explosiveness of entertainment industries’ IP, and he proposed seven entry points of entertaining football marketing. Meanwhile, he also shared Future Arena’s marketing cases about Real Madrid and Schalke 04.

    For the problem that brands intend to interact with IP so as to increase World Cup marketing influence, while with limited budget, Ethan Law mentioned that collaborating with retired but influential footballer IPs could be an economical way to do World Cup marketing with the case of Future Arena’s project on Maradona’s ‘Hand of God' brand.


    During the summit, experts from all walks of life talked about hot industry news and technology innovation and shared their insights and experiences.


  • Ethan Law Invited to Attend Lanxiong sports Future Day forum


    In November,2017, Lanxiong sports Future Day forum were held at Inno Club, Shanghai. Many e-sports experts were invited to the event including CEO of Future Arena, Ethan Law.

    During the first round table discussion, Ethan Law(CEO of Future arena), Cao Di(Vice-president of Banana gaming& Media), Li Yimeng (Lagardere Sports China business development senior manager) and Yang Tianjun (General Manager of Kuanghui) discussed on topic of <How to narrow the gap between brand and young people by e-sports>.

    At first,Ethan Law talked about the main business of Future arena:football and fashion industry. He said that the e-sports is developing rapidly, and the relationship of these three industries will definitely embrace changes. More crossover chances will emerge. There is no doubt these crossover marketing will have a huge impact.


    When being asked about the characters of e-sports fans, Ethan Law gave his opinion. In his view, the development of e-sports on mobile devices allow more people to play the game by taking advantages of small patches of time to relieve their pressure. This group of people has a strong consuming capability to make the future of e-sport more promising.

    The forum included two sharing sessions and three round table discussions which attracted a lot of e-sports related startups, investment institutions, brand advertisers and marketing agencies.

  • Future Arena Boosts Schalke 04 China tour 2017


    In July,2017,Schalke 04 club came to China for their second consecutive summer tour. As the official digital operation partner of Schalke 04 in China, Future arena has built a bridge between the club and their fans.

    During this summer’s, China  tour, The Royal Blue has played two friendlies against two top European clubs during the trip. They faced Turkish champions Besiktas on 19th of July and Inter Milan on 21st of July. Meanwhile, the players attend a series of autograph sessions, meet & greets and plenty other PR activities, all embracing the tour motto “Ni hao China”. The continuous China tours showed that China is one of the most important markets in Schalke 04 FC's long-term internationalization strategy.

    It is well known that Schalke 04 club started helping China with its development in football youth training in 2015. As part of the state visit in Berlin, Germany chancellor Angela Merkel , the Chinese president Xi Jinping and the delegation discussed four selected Bundesliga projects in China, of which the Royal Blues' diverse activities were included. During this summer tour,Gerald Asamoah and Olaf Thon, as well as other members of the delegation visited the Schalke football schools in Kunshan.

    Being the first football club whom has purchased a League of Legends eSports team and earned a spot in LCS,FC Schalke 04 has become the first Bundesliga club who enters the eSports field. Last year,Future Arena partnered with CIG to set up an eSports match during the Schalke 04 China tour. In this year,Schalke 04 eSports team had been invited to participate in a 2017 Soccerin E-sports Challenge.

    By updating content on social media and organizing fans events offline for the China tour of Schalke 04,Chinese fans could have a better chance to meet their favorite team face to face. As the official digital partner of Schalke 04, Future Arena was responsible for the synchronizations of all contents on multiple channels. Combine content formats such as videos, live streaming and online campaigns also attract a lot of fans who could not join.

    Nowadays,more European clubs targeting Chinese market. There is no doubt that Schalke 04 2017 China tour was successful and rewarding. In the meantime,the sustaining fans operation online played an important role during Schalke 04’s China Tour.. In the future,Future Arena would continue to close the gap between fans and clubs.

  • Linking fans and clubs, Future Arena achieves a trilateral agreement with Baidu and Bundesliga


    At Feb 28, Future Arena, Baidu and Bundesliga signed a trilateral agreement of partnership in Beijing.

    Future Arena, Baidu and Bundesliga signed a trilateral agreement of partnership in Beijing

    Before the singing ceremony, guests from Future arena and Bundesliga visited Baidu Artificial Intelligence (AI) exhibition hall. In particular, guests showed much interests in the automatic speech recognition system. Meanwhile, the ceremony was ready to begin.

    Guests from Future arena and Bundesliga visited Baidu AI exhibition hall

    The ceremony was well prepared

    The ceremony officially began with an excellent speech from Mr. Zeng Hua, the manager of Baidu key account department. Baidu will gather Bundesliga fans through Baidu Post Bar and provide them with consistent contents such as exclusive videos, pictures and news. Along with a variety of Bundesliga merchandise in return to fans as incentives. On the other hand, by applying the latest Baidu AI technology, fans can be offered services such as customized match notification. Also, Baidu can utilize AR marketing competition to help Bundesliga create a better fans atmosphere in China.

    Manager of Baidu key account department, Mr. Zeng was giving a speech

    After that, the CEO of Future arena Mr. Lau shared his experiences and ideas about “fans economy”. Mr. Lau pointed out that although there is a huge amount of fan base in Chinese market, it’s potential of market value is not deeply exploited by many companies. Future Arena has been focusing on building the digital platform that bridges between Asia and global sports resources. In this partnership, Future Arena will also contribute to provide original Bundesliga content and videos to fans. By a series of continuous interactive campaigns with Baidu to build a good eco-environment of fans. This agreement meant a lot to Future Arena, which marked a successful step for the future.

    The founder & CEO of Future Arena, Mr. Lau was giving a speech

    Managing Director of DFL Sports Enterprises GmbH, Mr. Jörg Daubitzer gave a speech as well. He expressed a great prospect of this agreement.

    Mr. Jörg Daubitzer was giving a speech

    The appearance of famous football player Shao Jiayi turned up the heat of the event. Jiayi also joined a football game with Baidu football captain on the stage. Afterwards, he was invited to a live streaming to talk with Baidu fans, answer questions from fans and have a prize-giving quiz to fans.

    Famous football player Shao Jiayi interacted with fans

    Together with the cutting-edge technology from Baidu, great IP value from Bundesliga and fan-economy operation from Future Arena, this trilateral agreement is expected to drive the new era of fans ecosystem.

  • Ethan Law Invited to Attend the 2017 Chinese Sports Industry Carnival


    The opening ceremony of 2017 Chinese Sports Industry Carnival hosted by Lanxiong Sports was grandly held in 1933 Old Millfun, Shanghai in January 11. The founder and CEO of Future Arena, Ethan Law was invited to attend the carnival, and participated in the "Sports × Shanghai Entrepreneurship" theme forum.

    The founder and CEO of Future Arena, Ethan Law in the forum of "Sports × Shanghai Entrepreneurship"

    Jian×iang Huang, the former CCTV commentator was the host of carnival. The founder and CEO of Lan×iong Sports, Mu Han, the first guest speaker delivered the speech of "People on the Way", sharing the concepts of Chinese sports industry’s si× cognitions and five emotions.


    The co-founder of Raine Group, Deborah Mei delivered the speech of "Chinese Sports Industry — Path to Glory" to talk about the challenges and prospects of Chinese sports industry.


    The other five theme forums of "Sports × Internet", "Sports × Lifestyle", "Sports × Capital Cross-border Flow", "Sports × International Competitions" and "Sports × Shanghai Entrepreneurship" were successively held. “C” level e×ecutives of Chinese sports industry e×changed ideas on different topics.


    In the forum of "Sports × Shanghai Entrepreneurship", The founder and CEO of Future Arena, Ethan Law; the chairman of Will’s, Wenwei Wang; the founder of Rucker Park, Fuqi Dai; the CEO of LEOAO, Wei Dai and the founder of UPBO×, Liang Zhou held the discussions in terms of “Requirements”, “Business And Profitable Models” and “Shanghai Business Environment”.


    Based on the in-depth cooperation with Baidu Post Bar, scale operation of the fan economy and interpretation for the profitable model of partner Wyscout, Ethan Law analyzed the developing status of Future Arena. When talking about the entrepreneurial environment in Shanghai, Mr. Law gave the full affirmation because of high quality living environment, strong inclusiveness and the "happy" gene.

    Guest speakers in the forum of "Sports × Shanghai Entrepreneurship"

    At the last awards dinner, Lan×iong Sports announced the three awards of "2016 Best Sports Industry Innovation Award", "2016 Most Valuable New OTC Market Sports Company" and "2016 Most Influential Business Decision Award" owned by 20 companies.

  • franz. 2017 is recruiting NOW


    franz. is the very first international student competition in sports, where you, undergraduate and graduate students, have direct access to the world’s preeminent sports institutions. We want you, top students from leading schools around the world, to bring fresh ideas that will be taken up by CAMP BECKENBAUER and its partners. Your ideas will shape the future of sports. Join us and grasp this opportunity to discuss your ideas with top decision-makers in sports!


    “All the franz. attendees and organizers were so welcoming and supportive. Our team was blown away by the professionalism, insight, and opportunity that came from this event!”

    “It was truly a life-changing experience to take part in franz. and be able to meet such influential sports stars and professionals. This is one of the best student competitions out there!”

    In this year’s franz. competition, we ask you to develop innovative ideas on ‘how to win the Chinese consumer for your favorite sport’. All you need to do is form a team of up to four people, attach your CVs and include your innovative idea as a short PowerPoint presentation.


    What You Get



    Participate in franz. and your team will have the opportunity to travel to Germany and present your idea at the franz. finals in Spring 2017.



    At franz. you will have the opportunity to work with academic experts, sports business leaders, and fellow students from around the world.



    The three teams with the most promising concept will receive the chance to present their idea at next., an idea incubator founded by CAMP BECKENBAUER.



    The winning team will be invited to travel to the CAMP BECKENBAUER Global Summit to present their idea in front of top decision-makers in sports.


    Applications close 20 November 2016!

    APPLY NOW www.franzIDEAS.com

  • Future Arena Undertakes #SchalkeInChina 2016


    Being the first soccer club who purchased a League of Legends LCS team, FC Schalke 04 became the first Bundesliga club who enters the eSports field. FC Schalke 04 recently announced its plan of forming an official FIFA Online eSports team. FC Schalke 04 invited world championship Joshua Begehr to take up the post of captain and lead the Schalke FIFA team to participate different international competitions in the future.


    Future Arena holds exclusive resources of European football clubs, and it believes the operating model that combines traditional sports and eSports is very promising.


    In July 6, 2016, Future Arena partnered with CIG to set up an eSports match during the Schalke 04 China fan meeting in Guangzhou, inviting the fans and players to sit down and compete with each other. It became the biggest hit of the entire fan meeting, and it attracted plenty of football fans and eSports players through online live show.

    Schalke 04 players Johannes Geis and Max Meyer were warmly welcomed by the fans as they showed up in the meeting. These player are big fans of eSports, and they look really professional while they playing FIFA Online 3 with the fans. The cheer sounds from fans filled the entire hall.

    This crossover collaboration of eSports and football made more football fans interested in the online football game. This game not only can bring the excitement of eSports to the gamers, but also show them the real charm of traditional football.

    CIG recently launched a public benefit campaign “No violence and no cheaters”, aiming at building a healthier eSports environment. To support this campaign, each Schalke player gestured a “G” in front of the fans.

    Finally, with the great expectation of fans, Schalke 04 players signed their names on T-shirts and gave these gifts to the fans. This fan meeting became a great memory of everyone.


    Combining Future Arena’s resources, CIG’s platform and other brands from the traditional industries, this collaboration of internet, content and traditional brands formed a new model to raise the awareness. Future Arena believes there will be more interesting ways of publicity through similar projects.

    Chinese eSports industry is booming in recent years. China has more than 100 million eSports players and more than 400 million people had participated in eSports. The total revenue of Chinese eSports industry had achieved 12 billion. The mobile eSports occupied 1/3 of the market and 23.2% of the entire mobile game market in the Q1. As a new branch of sport, eSports is experiencing a creative revolution. Meanwhile, the new cooperating model of eSports+traditional sports will bring the digital sports to a new level, and the coming business value and publicity cannot be calculated easily.


    2016 is doomed to be the Year of eSports. FC Schalke, together with Future Arena, had become the strategic partners of CIG. As the eSports pioneer in the football world, Schalke will create more win-win situations in the future, bringing a brand new eSports world to the fans.

  • Future Arena partnered with AdMaster to present Digital Transformation of the Chinese Sports Industr


    At the second day of World Soccer Congress, the founder of Future Arena, Mr. Ethan Law gives a speech about Digital Transformation of the Chinese Sports Industry.


    Ethan pointed out that Chinese sports digitization just getting start, however, it is getting rapidly development nowadays, especially in football area. Fans economy and professional training system are all about digitization and datamtion.

    Besides, Future Arena partnered with the leading marketing data technology company, AdMaster, to advance Chinese sports industry digitization together. Ethan said that getting partnered with AdMaster is aimed to be a lighthouse for Chinese sports industry digitization. By combing the advantages from both sides in sports resources and data technology, Future Arena and AdMaster are trying to provide more reliable information and guidance for the future partners.


    In the speech, Ethan showed the Baidu Post bar is a very important social platform in China. It gathers with many KOLs, even celebrities or sports stars in China market. Netizens communicate with others who has the same interest through Post Bar platform. It is worth mentioning that those sports star fans not only interest in the star, they also cares a lot for other related news and information. It helps greatly for the future industry development.

  • 2016 World Soccer Congress Lands in Shanghai, Future Arena wons Outstanding Sports Digital Strategy Company Award


    James Huang and Pedro Proenca

    World Soccer Congress (WSC) is officially opened today. Future Arena successfully won the “Outstanding Sports Digital Strategy Company Award” on the first day of this event. Mr. Pedro Proenca, the president of Liga Portugal presented the honor for Future Arena.

    After the award ceremony, Mr. James Huang expressed his appreciation for the recognition by WSC as the representative of Future Arena. Meanwhile, he also showed appreciate for the strongly support from Future Arena’s strategic partner --- AdMaster. At the end of his talk, James noticed that the founder of Future Arena, Mr. Ethan Law, would give a speech the following day about “Connecting with your fans through big data”.

  • Future Arena will attend 2016 World Soccer Congress in early June


    During the coming June 1 and 3, the executives of the world’s top clubs, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, will gather in Shanghai. NIEC GROUP and DongBa SPORT will jointly hold The World Soccer Congress in Shanghai, which is the only business conference of soccer industry in Asia.


    The World Soccer Congress will also invite officials from the FIFA, UEFA, AFC and the Chinese Football Association. Meanwhile, the executives of the Spanish league, the FA, the German Football Association, the Italian Football Federation, Football Federation of France, the European Football League Coaches Association, American Major League Soccer, Australian Football Association, the Japan Football Association, the Korea Football Association, Football Association of Thailand, Malaysia football Association Premier League and Indian Football Association Premier League will also attend.


    One name is particularly noticeable on the list that is filled with these famous associations and clubs - Future Arena, Camp Beckenbauer’s official partner in Asia, will also attend this event. On the second day of the event, the founder of the Future Arena, Ethan Law, will participate in the speech.

  • The 1st China “Sports Data Academy” established by Future Arena and AdMaster


    Future Arena founder Ethan Law and AdMaster Vice-president Wilson Chen

    Future Arena cooperates with AdMaster to set up the first “Sports Data Academy” for Chinese market, aiming to develop digital process of sports races through online and offline multi-patterns. Facing the sport industry developing situation in Asia, especially in China,“Sports Data Academy” will integrate and practice multisource online database, build reliable comprehensive evaluation system for sport industry.

    “Sports Data Academy” could assess business value in sport industry through competitions, sport clubs/teams and stars. And also, being a bridge to connect sport competition to brands and sport fans based on database. Besides integrated application for online big-data, building partnership with universities and holding sports salon & workshop could also help to get in-depth knowledge and produce business value of sport industry. Sport has to adapt to the changing world. Future Arena will promote and open up a new world of Chinese sports to embrace the change with AdMaster.


    It is widely agreed that digital technologies will continue to have a profound impact on the future of sports and society. Future Arena will continue cooperate with AdMaster to help brands maximizing benefits, and upgrading the global status for China sports.

  • Future Arena joint next. 2016 to discuss “The Future of Chinese Sports”


    Based on the YOUNG LEADER IN SPORTS (YLS) summit, next. believes only starting constructive dialogues between today’s decision makers and next-generation leadership can make the changes sustainable. As an idea incubator, next. opens the door of CAMP BECKENBAUER to those young opinion leaders who represent the sports industry, as well as their thoughts and views. next. also prepared the topics for the coming CAMP BECKENBAUER Global Summit.

    next. is the future sports lab of CAMP BECKENBAUER, as well as a part of CAMP BECKENBAUER’s annual views exchanging event, which usually holds in spring.

    Agenda of next.
    The agenda is centered on CAMP BECKENBAUER’s guiding theme. The focus of 2016 will be: “The Future of Chinese Sports”. CAMP BECKENBAUER’s team will work with representatives from sports, business, media and academia to offer suggestions and develop topics for the global summit through the interactive discussion and seminar. In addition, the winner of franz. will be awarded at next.