• Ethan LAW

    Founder & CEO


    Prior Hearst China Digital General Manager, helping traditional media transform to digital with 130% growth of revenue and 3,900% growth of margin in 3 years
    Asia biggest performance marketing company iClicks funding team & group director with annual revenue RMB 4Billion
    4A Agency Digital head & serve many Sports brands including Nike


    Key achievements:
    APPLE Official Best 20 selected APP 2015
    Newrank Most Influential fashion social media (wechat) Awards 2015
    Top Digital Most Innovated Digital Product Awards 2015
    ROI Festival Best ROI Awards
    Yahoo Big Idea Chair Awards

  • James HUANG

    Founder & COO


    Prior Hearst China Digital Marketing & Business Development Director
    Ogilvy China Digital director & serve major Sports brand and lifestyle brands
    Founder of FHBLOGS (eSports & TV game website, sold to Microsoft in 2009 )


    Key achievements:
    Successfully found an digital company & sold out to Microsoft in 2009 NTD 10M
    Build an Business development oriented digital marketing team, break even all marketing budgets from clients in 2015