Future Arena is a digital bridge connects your brands to Chinese fans. Future Arena provides complete business solution, including viral content creation, digital penetration, marketing & PR, media relationship, offline engagement, sponsorship, merchandizing and e-Commerce. It also establishes a data and customer (fans) management platform. One-stop digital strategy & operation service will delivery your brand directly to your target customer (fans), maximize fans effect and develop fans economy. Future Arena makes customized strategy for different brands (leagues/sports clubs). Using different digital methods to match Chinese fans and improve brand influence, co-creating a new business model.


    Future Arena provides professional sports data platform, to evaluate your brand in different aspects. It covers:

    • Sports digital influence index

    • Digital channel analysis

    • Sports fans database development

    • Sports fans CRM development


    Comprehensive and systematic data will help brands quick understanding Chinese market and fans, quick improving brand influence and developing fans economy. The China first integrated sports digital influence index will analyzes your club and stars’ China digital influence, adjusts your business decision. Based on search awareness, digital media coverage, social media engagement and e-Commerce sales trend, we could output the digital media indexing, digital total coverage, your fans economy power and your fans loyalty.


    Future Arena helps you to explore opportunities in other industries, break development limitations in traditional sports industry. Avoiding your brand lack in Chinese market, improve brand image and fans economy through diversify methods.

    Our monetization methods include:

    • Youth training camp/ Sports tourism
    • Online events sponsorship
    • E-commerce of IP-related merchandise
    • IP-related fantasy games & Online live streaming